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April 8, 2009 / Naveen Sanagala

Dates of Durga Devi Sharan Navratri Puja in 2009

Date of Kalasha Sthapana or Ghatasthapana during Durga Sharan Navratri Puja in 2009

Preethi Dwitiya in Durga Navrari Puja in 2009

Date of Sthana Vriddhi Gauri Vrata in Durga Navratri Puja in 2009

Bhouma Chaturthi Festival in 2009 Durga Navratri Celebrations

Upang Lalitha Gauri Vratam (Lalitha Panchami Puja) or Maha Panchami in Durga Navarathri Puja – 2009

Maha Sashti Puja during Durga Navrathri Puja in 2009

Maha Saptami or Durga Saptami during Durga Navaratri Pooja in 2009

Durga Astami or Maha Ashtami Puja – Durga Navaratri Puja in 2009

Maharnavami Puja or Maha Navami Puja – Durga Navarathri Pooja in 2009

Viajaya Dashami Puja or Dasara Puja during Durga Navarathri Puja in 2009




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  1. xxx / Jul 1 2009 11:30 am

    You have written “Maharnavami Puja or Maha Navami Puja – Durga Navarathri Pooja in 2009”. As much as I knew, ‘arnav’ means the ocean (‘sagar’) in sanskrit. ‘Maharnav’ is the ‘mahasaagar’… From which shastra/tantra/purana did you get the reference to the spelling of “Maharnavami” please??!

    • Sanagala Naveen Kumar / Jul 5 2009 4:52 pm

      Hi, on Maharnavami,
      In Andhra Pradesh and in some more states Maha Navami Puja is also referred as Maharnavmi Puja.

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