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March 20, 2009 / Naveen Sanagala

Matsya Jayanthi – Birthday of Lord Vishnu’s Matsya Incarnation

Matsya Jayanthi 2009

Matsya Avatar is the first incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. To warn the world about the Mahapralaya (deluge), Lord Sri Narayana incarnated in fish form. Matsya Avatar holds a significance to be a prototype for the next nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu that follow after that.

In 2009, Matsya Jayanthi is celebrated on March 29, Sunday.

In Hindu Mythology, the fish manifestation of Lord Narayana, the Matsya Avatar, does not have importance in terms of worship, rituals, customs and traditions.

Even the serial order of Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations proves the Law of Evolution. We can also learn how the creation developed since ages from the concept of Lord Narayana’s ten incarnations.



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  1. Shyam / Apr 12 2009 5:26 am

    Hare Krishna! =)

    Wonderful! =O

    I never knew the Matsya Incarnation of the Lord had a recorded appearance day, I would love to know the masa and tithi. It seems to be Chaitra, pardon my ignorance, but I am a British Hindu, albeit one educated at Oxford, in European languages. (Also war-wounded, British Civil War, 1990-1).

    I am bookmarking your site, because I am a friend of India life after life, since it is the holiest seat of the Lord and the Heavenly Host on Mother Earth. I too long to see, enjoy, serve and live in a Vedic World..

    All the best! Auspicious blessings!!

    Kalyanam astu/ Sri Krsne matir astu/
    Svasti nah Narayanah:
    Svasti nah Madhavah:
    Svasti nah Govindah:
    Om svasti, su-asti, svastih:/

    Look forward to keeping in touch,
    Jaya Bharat Mata!! 😀

    Yours faithfully,
    Sr. Syama dasa adhikari
    London, U.K of G.B., Eur.

    | sri harih: om tat sat |

    • Sanagala Naveen Kumar / Apr 13 2009 6:28 am

      Hi Shyam,
      Thanks for visiting and bookmarking my blog. I want this kind of response from the Hindus all over the world. Thank you once again.

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