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October 20, 2008 / Naveen Sanagala

Samudra Snan – A tradition During Karthik Mas

Samudra Snan (spiritual sea bath) is a ritual performed during the month of Karthik.

During Kartik month, devotees go to sea area where popular temples are located, and worship the God after taking ceremonial bath. This is a ritual of Karthik Mas.

How Spiritual Bath is Performed ?
Devotees worship the God and they apply coconut oil to their head and apply kumkum on the forehead. Then they perform the bath. While performing the bath,devotees chant mantras or recite the God names.

Where Spiritual Baths are Performed ?
Dwaraka, Rameshwaram, Konark and Udipi are some of the popular temples on coast of seas where spiritual baths are performed.



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  1. SRIKUMAR CHAKRABORTY / Oct 15 2009 8:29 am

    During my boyhood i.e in early 50s, we saw the people mostly belonged to East Bengal fro the district Dacca, Faridpur etc worshipped God Kartik in their Wood cutting saw mill/ wood factory taking holy bath at Mahananda river in Malda observing various rituals throughout the month Kartik with a belief of progress, prosperity in the soceities for all categories of people in all the communities removing sin and evil acts etc.


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